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Hidro Font 4U - Multi Water Dispenser - DWM-20A


– 4 types of water:

– With gas (3-4 volumes)

– Cold (3ºC – 1ºC)

– Hot (85ºC)

– Alkaline (pH9)


– High capacity flow: 75 liters of alkaline, chilled, or sparkling water per hour.

– Elegant design with stainless steel body and touch control panel.

– Designed to fit perfectly on top of Hoshizaki Am-50 ice machines.

– Filters, pipes, regulators included.

– Drain tray can be connected to a drain or used as a drip pan.

(CO2 cylinder not included)


Hidro Font 4U – Multi Water Dispenser

CAD file | Technical Data Sheet

Dimensions (W x D x H): 543 x 379 x 423 mm

Ice cream: 1º- 3ºC

With Gas: 3.7 Vol

Hot: 85°C

Alkaline: 8.0-9.0 pH

Power: 450W

Voltage: 120V / 9A / 60Hz

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