Crescent Cube Ice

KM-140B Ice Machine

Enhance the drinks served in your establishment with ice made directly on site, enhancing the experience of your customer with solid ice, crystal clear, pure and with very low production cost. The Hoshizaki Ice machines bring economy and practicality to the establishment, not being necessary employees supervising its operation with fully automated production and decreasing the chances of contamination of the ice when compared to the purchase of bagged industrial ice. Say goodbye to ice shortages, have ice available when you need it with Hoshizaki machines.

Key features:

  • Successful sales in over 50 countries! Japanese Hoshizaki technology, world market leader in manufacturing of ice machines; The only one in the market with 3 years of warranty and technical assistance throughout the national territory; Average production of 120 KG per day (from 100 to 140 Kg per day according to ambient temperature); Average cost of ice produced: BRL 0.10 per kg, (considering electric power cost and water consumption) with return on investment in 23 months (considering electric power cost and water consumption); Storage up to 55Kg with antibacterial treatment; 100% solid ice, without air bubbles, freeze the drink faster and take longer to melt; Stainless steel body; CycleSaver ® Design; EverCheck ® Alert system; Stainless steel evaporator; Removable air filter; Environmental-friendly coolant gas R-134a;

*KW cost in São Paulo city: BRL 0.52.

*Consumption with storage KW/h: BRL 0.30.

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Dimensions (W x D x H): 784 x 735 x 992mm

Production per day: Up to 140 KG

Storage: 55 KG

Production per cycle: 238 Cubes

Power: 680W

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