The salamander is a useful equipment for finishing and gratinating
through heat irradiation. In a fast, efficient and uniform
uniform way gratins pasta, prepared dishes and meats. Versatile, it can
also be used to keep ready-made dishes warm.

Key Features:

Smart Salamander for high demand operations;

Ideal for gratinating, finishing, and keeping warm;

Clean, efficient glass-ceramic heating plate technology that minimizes smoke and odors;

It allows defrosting, heating, browning, and au gratin without preheating;

Ultra fast: 400°C in 5 seconds; 

The glass ceramic heating plate reaches 570ºC;

Equipped with a plate detection system (PDS) that automatically switches on and off allowing instant heating and saving 35% real energy;

Tilting head with easy height adjustment by counterweight and bearing system;

Easy cleaning and maintenance;

2 independent heating zones;

Power control;

Independent heated zone selector;

Sliding tray with grid.


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Electric Mobile Salamander

Manual | Technical Data Sheet

Dimensions (W x D x H): 600x640x590 mm

Baking Surface: 495×375 mm

Power: 5 kW

Voltage: 220 V

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