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Back Stove - Export Line

The ideal solution for fast food and small and medium-sized gastronomy, the pull-out stove is the most versatile of cooking equipment. Its high-power burners ensure agility and greater productivity.

Main features:

  • Stainless steel frame;
  • Cast iron grates and burners;
  • Burners with double flame line;
  • Burners can be changed without losing performance and without the need for adjustment, thus facilitating cleaning;
  • One-piece top for easy sanitization;
  • Adjustable feet that ensure perfect leveling;
  • Supplied in LPG (Natural Gas Conversion Kit Included)

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Back Stove – Export Line
Manual | CAD File | Datasheet | REVIT

Dimensions (L x P x A): 610X686X328 mm

LPG Gas Consumption: 1,50 kg/h

Natural Gas Consumption: 1,82 m³/h


Back Stove – Export Line
Manual | CAD File|  Datasheet | REVIT

Dimensions (L x P x A): 915x686x328 mm

LPG Gas Consumption: 2,25 kg/h

Natural Gas Consumption: 2,71 m³/h

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