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Ice Machine - SRM

Add value to drinks served in your establishment with the Ice manufactured directly on site, improving your customer’s experience with solid, crystal clear, pure ice and with very low production cost.

Hoshizaki Ice machines bring savings and practicality to the establishment, with no need for employees supervising its operation with fully automated production and reducing the chances of ice contamination when compared to the purchase of bagged industrial ice.

Say goodbye to ice shortages, have ice available the moment you need it with Hoshizaki machines.

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel frame, galvanized steel/ aluminium rear providing high quality hygienic cleaning;
  • Sliding door for easy access to ice;
  • System with front air cooling, allowing to be built-in (SRM-45);
  • Air filter for easy cleaning and handling, allowing you to program an easy cleaning routine, extending product life and reducing maintenance.

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Ice Machine
Flyer| Datasheet | Manual

Dimensions (L x P x A): 500x579x748 mm

Ice production per cycle: 55 cubes

Storage: 14kg


Ice Machine
Flyer | Datasheet | Manual

Dimensions (L x P x A):660x670x1050 mm

Production per day: up to 70 kg

Ice production per cycle: 80 cubes


Ice Machine
Flyer | Datasheet | Manual

Dimensions (L x P x A):660x670x1200 mm

Production per day: up to 95 kg

Ice production per cicle: 126 cubes

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