Bakery Oven


Compact baking oven for 60x40cm trays easy operation. Ideal for bread, baguettes, cakes and soufflés.

Key Features:

– It reaches 300°C in just 10 minutes;

– Thermostat from 0 to 300ºC;

– Audible timer of up to 120 minutes;

– Double glass door;

– 4 1/1 GN baking trays or 400 x 600mm trays;

– Quantity- and time-controlled moisture injection;

– Reversible turbine alternates every 2 minutes with 2 speeds;

– Circulating air function for quick defrosting;

– Ideal for breads, baguettes, cakes and soufflés;

– Can be optionally equipped with quartz heaters with gratin function

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Electric baking oven

Manual | Technical Data Sheet

External Measurements (W x D x H): 795 x 755 x 595 mm

Internal Measurements (W x D x H): 670 x 440 x 310 mm

Shelf area: 600 x 400

Power: 6 Kw

Voltage: 380 V

Weight: 59 Kg

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