EasyCook Fryer


Automatic fryer, with exhaust system coupled, which dispenses the use
the use of hoods is not required. Technology that provides a perfect and standardized
perfect and standardized frying through its on-board intelligence
temperature control.

Key features:

– Electric, programmable frying system with built-in exhaust system

– No need to use a hood or exhaust system. It can be operated in unlikely places such as kiosks in shopping mall aisles or supermarket areas, in leisure areas of hotels, resorts and clubs, on foodbikes, inside subway stations or anywhere where the use of conventional commercial fryers is not possible

– System with 4 filtration stages in accordance with ABNT* standards and BSI Global certification reports

– Digital panel with 10 time and temperature settings

– Fast temperature recovery when frying frozen food. Its 7.2 kW of power ensure standardized frying, always dry and crispy

– Safe operation: closed chamber where the operator has no contact with the hot oil during frying

– Equipment protected by the ANSUL firefighting system

– Smart temperature control, maintaining the temperature, preventing the oil from being prematurely saturated and sets the time according to the load of food for frying

– Shake function: periodic movements in the frying basket for perfect frying performance and a standardized result

– Stainless steel construction


Understand the cooking codes – Click here 

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Dimensions (W x D x H): 583x754x993 mm

Vat Capacity: 10,5 L

Volume: 0,43 m³

Electric Power: 7467 W

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